Team Members

Finding a solution to your problem is our number one goal!


Director of Home Buying

Steven grew up framing houses in the summer, which is where he found a love for real estate. He loves to help others solve problems and find what they really want. When Steven is not working hard for sellers, he enjoys snowboarding in the mountains and kitesurfing on the windiest beaches.


Director of Renovation

Dave has been managing projects and people for 15 years. Through this time he developed a keen interest in Real Estate, which lead him to working in this industry exclusively. Over the years he’s renovated numerous homes and really enjoys working directly with families to help get them where they need to be.


Home Buying Specialist

Brett has been helping people find win-win results for the people he works with for years. He’s always looking for the best possible option, and goes the extra mile to get the job done. He’s a real problem solver, coming up with creative solutions to leave everybody happy.


Inbound Lead Manager

Katie is an expert at helping people get where they need to go. She is always looking for the best possible solution for our potential sellers, and she goes above and beyond to find a “win win” scenario.


Home Buying Specialist

David has been working with people for years to help them get where they need to go for years. When he’s not working, he loves spending time with his family on his boat.


Dispositions Manager

Travis is our go to person for finding a property’s best use. He’s very thoughtful and will do what it takes to get the deal done.  When he’s not working he enjoys riding motorcycle and plays locally as a musician.


We’ve been buying houses for years. We buy houses in any condition, from fixed up move in ready homes to the dirtiest ugly house you can find. We serve homeowners with a great alternative to selling with a Realtor or Broker. Our reputation is important to us, and we make a point to leave everyone feeling win-win.

We love buying houses in the Twin Cities area, because it gives us a chance to take something and make it beautiful again. A home is a place that someone brings up their family in, and we really enjoy that look on a family’s face when their buying their new home. We can do this by helping homeowners who are ready to move onto the next chapter, move out of their current home and onto the next.

Just like any business, we have to make enough to support our families. But we’ve always felt that it’s important to give back locally and to those who could use the helping hand. We donate a portion of our profits to local affordable housing nonprofits and work with organizations building homes for families abroad. We all had a helping hand in getting where we are today, and we enjoy the opportunity to give back.